The secret is out ; Enstyle

The big secret that I´ve been wanting to tell you guys for quite  a while now is ,Enstyle. The " new lookbook" that will be launched on facebook as an application in monday morning! So cool, finally can we get inspired by others style, and look at people with unique taste of style, on facebook. I mean everyone is on facebook, this is perfect!

It is made for people that has fashion as an important part of their life, and I guess there´s a lot of you out there with amazing style..!

Click here to read more about Enstyle and to get ready to monday at 9.00 am! 

And as lucky as I am these days, I get to be a part of this as one of the leaders. 
watch the great video that Natan from  "friendly ghost" has made,(my pics is in the video to haha, I think it´s almost at the end)  and enjoy Enstyle. 

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