Day 5, You´r dream wedding.

Day 01 - A photo of the item you last purchased 
Day 02 - A photo of yourself, not taken by you
Day 03 - What's in your bag?
Day 04 - 
A photo that makes you happy 
Day 05 - Your dream wedding.
Day 06 - A photo of your handwriting. 
Day 07 -
 What's in your makeup bag?
Day 08 - 
Your current wishlist.
Day 09 - A hobby of yours
Day 10 - A Place You've Traveled To
Day 11 - A tv show you're currently addicted to
Day 12 - Your wallet
Day 13 - A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 14 - Your favourite movie.
Day 15 - A photo of your faviourite item of clothing

Ah, my dream wedding! What to say, I definitely know what I don´t want. I don´t want something big with way to many people, just something small intim, outdoor in a wine yard in italy or france, 
with all of my( or should I say our?) closest friends and family..

 And when it comes to the dress, I want something simple-crazy-amazing yet a special one,something that is really me. A dress that no one else has!
I think that when I find the dress, I will automaticly know that this is "the one"..And the shoes, what would be better than to get married in a pair of  louboutin´s, or should I do like carrie, in manolo´s`? I love both.

Ph_cherryblossomgirl and google//

What is your dream wedding? 


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