Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.


It has been so long since I posted some of my pictures, that does not involve any fashion relation or other superior things. I have to admit that I´ve missed it. It is the maine reason why I started blogging in the first place... So from now on, I´m posting more pictures.


Love and other drugs

Hi loves:)

Today I really have no energy left to anything, every bone in my body hurts.. And I don´t feel like doing anything else than lying down.
So I´m chilling with old episodes of the OC and fruit, and hopefully get better.

Btw, I saw the cutest movie ever last night,  Love and other drugs.  Of all persons I know how it is  having so much pain, and not feeling like your body is working anymore. Well, maggie from the movie had parkinson , I have m.e, I mean it´s not the same thing, but still. 
A movie that you guys need to see!






Tapas night

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend, but I´ve been  busy having so much fun. Last night I had the girls over for some tapas and sushi, so much fun. 
And today I met up with some friends that I met while I was in California. No words can describe how much I miss Cali, and all the fun we had..





Hi guys.

Lately I´ve been a little sick of my hair, expecially my color. It felt like it was the wrong color for me a bit to red-ish. When it comes to my hair, I never do anything that I might regret, so I usually always go dark.

I also think that everyone should have someone or something to get inspired by when it comes to your hair, that´s the one thing that always will reflect on your personality.

My insperation the past few years has been the incredible beautiful model and DJ, Leigh Lezark. No matter where she is, or what she does, her hair always look´s so perfect.
So today I had to fresh up  my hair a little, so coloured it dark dark brown(I´ll post picture later). Feels so good and refreshing, to have the right color again.




To beautiful to die, to wild to live.

Hi cuties! 

Have I ever mentioned that I looove Tuesdays?  It is the one day of the week that school start two hours later, and I can sleep two hours later. You know what work some beauty sleep can do.

I also stopped by town and bought myself two really great dvd´s, Coco before Chanel and Gia both fashionable, inspiring movies that is based on true story´s, I like that. And cant wait to watch Gia, it is suppose to be a really great film about the tragic true story of Americas first supermodel ever. 


Well, now it is Gossip girl time, good night! 



I´m adding this to my closet

 Hi cupcakes!

I was so pleased when I checked my bank account after school and realised that today was the day that I get my scholarchip.. So of course I had to bring the girls for a little shopping round, and i finally bought those Acne pistols look a like, they are  so cool and is going to complete any outfit.. I also bought this cute purse for my iphone, so cute, a sweater and a new pair of ballerinas. Show you later.




Ph_my mum//

Aviator jacket and harem pants- H&M, clutch-Urban outfitters, top,scarf and flower pattern cardigan-bikbok, arty owl ring from Yves Saint Laurent and converse.

I love the flower cardigan I found on sale last week, it is soo comfy..


House of Harlow s/s 2011

I  really  like  Nicole Richie´s spring collection 2011 for House of harlow. And I need those sunnies, I mean like really really need those sunglasses, and the jewelry is amyzing! 




Lately I´ve been obsessed with the supercute key-earring, from H&M.

Today, I´ve been downtown with the girls, and ate at a restaurant called Egon, so good food, and so much fun seeing the girls, it has been forever since I last saw them!



The big step

Well, I´ve wanted to write in english for soo long now, but honestly I never dared to do it, mostly because I do know that I´m going to write a lot that perhaps,will be written wrong. But now I´m taking the big step , because I love writing in English, and want to get better in my writing skills, and of course because it will be so much fun, I´ve always said that english is so much easier to express yourself in. So I´m going  try.

Wish me luck sweethearts! 


Earlier today...



Coat , cardigan and scarf -bikbok, jeans-juicy couture, wedges- Bianco and bag from Gina tricot..

Nå er det Egon med jentene, ha en super lørdags kveld alle sammen!



Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.

Ph_stockholm streetstyle, styledevil, thesatorrialist and style.com //

- Vendela


It´s all about the lovebirds and roller coaster.....


Fant disse herlighetene på Accessorize til halv av halv pris, like! 




Hei loves!

Etter å ha levd med tette bihuler og betente lunger i flere uker,  borte fra alt som symboliserer en så si normal værdag og sivillisasjon, var det super deilig å få kommet seg ut å ha den beste dagen på lenge, med de herligste jentene!

Dagen har så si bestått av en skoledag hvor vi har løpt marraton fra café - til café , og dratt kortet.
Vell, payday+prosjekt, virkelig ingen dum combo. Viser dere senere.
Jeg har foresten muligens noe spennende å dele med dere, som jeg ikke kan si enda, men følg med fremover.

Ha en en fremdeles super dag!



Old pink

Ph_My mum/

Heels-Dinsko, jeans and top- Ginatricot,